The Bible Bashers

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    2010 marks the release of the Bible Bashers eponymous EP, recorded by The Reverend Max Ducker of Cellar Sessions Studios. it features 7 sordid tales of downright depravity. Their music is a deadly dose of Australian swamp rock, influenced by such iconic acts as Beasts of Bourbon, The Stooges and AC/DC. Famous for their audacious, no-prisoners live performances, they've been a persistent thorn in the side of the Perth local music scene.

    Self funded, released & distributed, THE BIBLE BASHERS EP can be found circulating your town like a bad batch of acid.

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released May 6, 2010

The Bible Bashers
Byron McLeod Robertson: Bass
Laith Tierney: Vocals
Jon Schmidt: Drums/Lyrics
Llewellyn Sagers-Gray: Guitar/Back Up vocals

All songs are copyright THE BIBLE BASHERS 2010
All lyrics copyright Jon Schmidt 2010
*except Peep Show copyright Laith Tierney 2010

Recorded & Mixed by Reverend Max Ducker / Cellar Sessions
Mastered by Alan Smith / Bergerk! Studios
Produced by Laith Tierney

Released by Mysteria Maxima mEDIA
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Design created by Joe Kapiteyn / Red Room Design
Concept by Laith Tierney

Band Photo by Shannon Spicer



all rights reserved


The Bible Bashers Perth, Australia

The Bible Bashers peddlied their filthy brand of blues-infused rock'n'roll from 2008 to 2012.
Fast forward to 2017 and you have a full blown rock n roll REVIVAL on your hands.

Buy their shit, they are broke and need to tour again.
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Track Name: Jesus H Motherfuckin' Christ
I run the smack heads
outta smack head central
I drag them money lenders
outta your temple
I’ll deliver you from evil
save you from vice
or my name ain’t
Jesus H motherfuckin’ Christ

I’ll help a brother out
when he’s down on his luck
I know that dollar ain’t
well, it ain’t for no fuckin bus
so don’t bet on the ponies
or a roll of the dice
put your money on
Jesus H motherfuckin’ Christ

Ya Can’t trust no one
in this dead beat town
plenty folks set to kick ya
just as soon as your down
so if your neighbour’s coveting
your pretty young wife
dial 1800 Jesus H
motherfuckin’ Christ
Track Name: Wine Haemorrhage
Well I hit rock bottom ain’t no further to go
so its Sodom and Gomorrah and the bottle-o
my soul screams yes but my wallet cries no
fist full of coins and my wines gonna flow

Some folks drink to dull their pain
I drink so I can feel again
The liquor courses through my veins
to the heart, to the fist, to the belly, to the brain

Don’t get me wrong I’m not quite alcoholic
but I can’t help but feel that it’s somehow symbolic
The hopes of my future, my present and past
slip through my fingers like wine
Wine from a cask.

I’m the patron saint of every god damn fool
I’m breeding scum in a stagnant pool
my mind‘s contrite but my heart’s still cruel
the glass is empty but the ashtray’ s full

Evil takes on many forms
a handsome man or a beast with horns
how can I help the way that I am?
when I’m just a man
Track Name: Peep Show
I got the peep show problem
Yeah you mighta guessed
I gotta-see-a-that-a-girl-a
coming outta her dress
so stop me, stop me, before I confess
I got the peep show problem
All over my chest

I Got a fist full of coins
I Got a fire in my loins
I Got more bodily fluid
Than I know what to do with

Gonna see that girl
She’s gonna make me pay

Peep Show!
Track Name: Cock Fightin' Man
Looks don't count for shit here boy
this ain't no beauty parade
I got the meanest fucking cock
that ever done got laid
now look at that sissy bird of yours
are you trying to insult me?
sir i do declare that my cock is fowl
but yours is poultry

any of you chicks ever seen my dick?
Well you have to admit
I'm a cock fightin' man

Any bird that tries to take my cock
is just a lamb to slaughter
and who you gonna cry to boy
down here, south of the border?
looks like your cocks all dead and limp
you'd better hatch a new plan
ain't never gonna beat me boy!
Cos I'm a cock fightin man!
Track Name: Shanghai'd
CRACK! a taste o’ the cat
grown men fighting over who gets the rat
black gums, black sweat
you seen the corpses, you could be next

Mother Fucker that’s life
How your momma would cry

AAW! Keel hauled
you wanna walk you better learn to crawl
take that! take this!
round here cunts talk with their fists

Mother Fucker that’s life
How your momma would cry
Track Name: Cookin'
I guess the smell from the Kitchen
must have reached your nose
theres a lotta bits of somethin’
In that pot on my stove
but don’t ask what I’m makin
cus you don’t wanna know

What I’m Cookin’
you don’t wanna know
What’s boilin?
where’d he get all them bones?
Whats he makin?
is it bacon?
There’s blood on my clothes
you don’t wanna know
what I’m cookin’

If you’re dining at my table
then you’re in for a treat
because I am what I am
and I am what I eat
tastes like pork
just a little too sweet
win a prize if you can guess the mystery meat

That I’m cookin
yeah that’s right, you’ll come back from more
it’s finger lickin’, delicious
I’m quite coinessuer
take your clothes off
Lie down on the slaughterhouse floor
you don’t wanna know..
What I’m cookin’

Well if you wonder what you’re eating
And your after the truth
Well you might find a finger or maybe a tooth
But savour that flavour
Cus it just might be you
I’m cookin’
Track Name: Crawl Town
When I crawl into Town the dogs burst in chorus
The Horses rear and the rats go to ground
when I crawl into town
the lights at the carnival yard flicker on
years after they closed the place down
after them kids all drowned
last time I was in town

When I Crawl
Into Town

When I crawl into town
Crazy Joe at the bait shop
gets a tinglin’ where his hand used to be
When I crawl into town
a fell wind follows my footsteps
from the shipyards
to the coloured cemetary
it’s sign missing the “C”
headstones covered in swastika graffiti

When I crawl into town
so does the disease
the crows feast
and the churches fill with refugees